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Homemade Vanilla Extract

Makes 1 (8oz) Bottle

Prep time: 5 mins

4 and a half Vanilla Beans
8 oz of Plain Vodka, must be 70 proof or 35%


1) Split your vanilla pods down the center to expose the beans, place them in clean (make sure your bottles are dry) 8 oz bottles then add enough vodka to cover the top of the beans. Tightly cover the bottles and store them somewhere cool and dark (like a pantry) for several weeks.

NOTES: You can easily make bigger bottles of vanilla extract by simply adjusting your ratio of vanilla beans and vodka, all you need to remember is that for every vanilla bean, you need 2 oz of vodka. I add an additional 1/2 vanilla bean for every 8 oz to get a bigger boost of vanilla flavor.
You can find all kinds of bottles or jars online (amazon has great selection) or big box stores (like target) but feel free to use any jar or empty bottles you might have laying around, just make sure they all have a tight fitting lid. I start using my vanilla after it has had 4 weeks of steeping but the longer you let it steep, the better and richer your vanilla will be. Make sure you give the bottles a shake every couple of days while they sit and steep.

Happy gift giving! xoxo

Recipe By: Laura Vitale