Community Guidelines

'Laura in the Kitchen' is a socially driven interactive online cooking show. Because Laura's audience and their interaction is a major contributor to the show's path and growth, we take great pride in having a diverse and engaged community on YouTube as well as on all of our social platforms. Our community consists of people from all over the world, all age groups and many nationalities. We respect each and every member of our community and expect the same respect in return as well as among community members.

From time to time it becomes necessary to block users and moderate the comments on YouTube as well as on our social media to maintain a welcoming community. Users may be blocked for the following reasons:

-Disrespect to others within the community
-Racial Discrimination
-Causing a disruption, argument or fight with others

We typically do not warn users before blocking their accounts and reserve the right to block anyone at any time for any reason. We do not guarantee that we will block all accounts in violation of the above guidelines. If you feel that you have been blocked accidentally or if you would like to report abuse, please contact [email protected] with your username, platform (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter), and we will investigate the issue. We log ALL comments on all of our platforms and will take a look into your activity to see if you were blocked in error.